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Americans are working more, getting paid less than other countries

Americans are now working more and getting paid the same, creating more productivity but less personal time than people in other countries. France recently signed a contract with one of the largest workers unions to stop employees from engaging in work related communication from 6 p.m. to They are not the only ones attempting [&hellip

Smoking on TV triggering adults to light up

  Smoking on television could provoke adult smokers to light up, a new study shows. Even though smoking appears far less frequently in US television shows than it used to, its portrayal may still be triggering the urge in adult smokers, Reuters reports. Researchers reviewed patterns in TV smoking over more than 50 years and [&hellip

Stress caused 42% in US to quit job

Dangerously stressful work environments force US workers to seek new employment, according to an international poll by Monster Worldwide Inc. The poll found 42 percent of US respondents have left a job due to an overly stressful environment; workplace stress also caused an additional 35 percent to consider changing jobs. Internationally, respondents from India are [&hellip

Eyes on skies for better Internet access

Tech giants are attempting at transmitting Internet signals to remote parts of the world using aircraft deployed in atmospheric space. The course of action could draw upon drones, satellites, high-altitude balloons, blimps or other flying machines. With this end in sight, Google acquired Titan Aerospace this week, a maker of solar-powered drones. Titan’s drones are [&hellip

Anti-theft feature eyed for smartphones

Major smartphone makers have agreed to either fit their devices with anti-theft software or make it freely available to customers. The anti-theft property is to be made available as of July 2015 in line with an agreement, which has been signed by major US wireless carriers and smartphone makers. The 10 device makers signing the [&hellip

‘Black tomatoes healthier than red ones’

American scientists have bred a new strangely-colored variety of tomatoes called Indigo Rose, which is being heralded as a new superfood with even greater health benefits than normal red varieties. The new type of tomatoes was bred by Professor Jim Myers at the University of Oregon in the United States. The idea came about when [&hellip

Qur’anic Reflections, Āyat 3:159

Do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts? (Q 47:24) For past Qur’anic Reflections click here Bismillāh April 11, 2014/ Jumādī II 11, 1435 Qur’anic Reflections, Āyat 3:159 وَشَاوِرْهُمْ فِي الْأَمْرِ –wa shāwirhum fil-amri And consult with them in (certain) matters (Sūrat Āli Imrān, No. 3, Āyat 159) Consulting others and taking [&hellip

‘Electric stimulation enhances learning’

Researchers have said electric stimulation of brain of subjects has resulted in the enhancement of their learning rate. The study, underway at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, which attempts at developing the technology, involved sending mild electric current through the brains of volunteers. One subject, named Laura McClenahan, had a battery attached to her head and [&hellip

Akhlaqi, Dini na Maisha (35)

Akhlaqi, Dini na Maisha (35)

Amani ya Allah, rehma na baraka zake ziwe juu yenu wapenzi wasikilizaji. Ni matumaini yangu kuwa hamjambo popote pale mlipo. Kwa furaha na moyo mkunjufu nakukaribisheni kuwa nami tena katika siku na saa nyengine ya kipindi chetu hiki cha Akhlaqi, Dini na Maisha hii ikiwa ni sehemu ya 35 ya mfululizo huu. Katika kipindi chetu [&hellip

Jumamosi, 05 Aprili, 2014

Jumamosi, 05 Aprili, 2014

Siku kama ya leo miaka 58 iliyopita, inayosadifiana na tarehe 5 Aprili 1956, yalimalizika mashambulizi ya kinyama ya majeshi ya utawala wa Kizayuni wa Israel dhidi ya wananchi wa Palestina katika eneo la Ukanda wa Gaza. Majeshi ya utawala ghasibu wa Israel, siku ya tarehe 4 Aprili, yalianza kufanya mashambulio makubwa na kuwauwa watu 56 [&hellip