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UK Pleas Women Help to Prevent Britons from Joining Syria War

British counter-terrorism police chiefs called upon Muslim women to urge their relatives not to travel to Syria to fight, urging them to report would-be jihadists “so that we can intervene and help.” The national campaign for women to intervene follows a string of deaths of UK men who joined Syria’s war. Scotland Yard said on [&hellip

Saudi Envoy Underlines Imam Khamenei Role in Forging Unity among Muslims

The Saudi Ambassador to Iran lauded the role of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei in strengthening unity and solidarity in the Muslim world. In a Tehran meeting with Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Abdulrahman bin Gharman al-Shihri said all [&hellip

Crew were ordered to leave S Korea ferry: Crewmember

A crewmember of a ferry that sank in waters off South Korea’s coast last week says she and her colleagues were ordered to leave the vessel at the time of the incident. The unidentified crewmember, wearing a baseball cap with a jacket hood, told reporters briefly on Thursday that crewmembers were “under command” to abandon [&hellip

Dozens killed in train crash in Congo

A train crash has killed at least 63 people in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Katanga province, a government official says. Dikanga Kazadi, the interior minister of the province, said on Wednesday the accident took place near the town of Likasi where the passenger train sped off the rails due to its high speed. “Evidently the [&hellip

Assad: Clergymen Have Pivotal Role in Consolidating True Concepts

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said Wednesday clergymen and scholars have pivotal role in consolidating true concepts against wrong terms because the most dangerous attempts which target the region and Islamic world are the West attempt to strike ideology and faith in society through gradual change in terms. President al-Assad, meeting a group of scholars, clergymen, [&hellip

Jobless rate in rich counties rose in Feb.: OECD

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says the rate of unemployment in its member countries rose slightly in February. The OECD, which monitors economic data for 34 developed countries, said on Wednesday the unemployment rate for the countries rose to 7.6 percent from 7.5 percent in January. The organization also said the number [&hellip

Israeli Troops Block UN Envoy from Easter Service

The Zionist police refused to let the U.N.’s peace envoy to the Middle East, other diplomats and a crowd of Palestinians pass through a barricade to attend a pre-Easter ritual in the Jerusalem church that is believed to be the burial site of Prophet Jesus, the U.N. official said on Saturday. The incident, following two [&hellip

Car bomb kills four in Kenyan capital

At least four people, including two police officers, have been killed in a car bomb explosion in the Kenyan capital. Police said the bomb detonated on Wednesday outside a police station in a poor neighborhood of Nairobi. “At least four people died after a saloon exploded at Pangani police station. Two of them are police [&hellip

Blair: West Must Take Sides Against Growing Threat of Extremism

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair blamed extremism for failures of western intervention in the region, saying powerful nations must “take sides” and back “open-minded” groups, as he said during a speech in Bloomberg in London on Wednesday.  In a keynote speech on the state of politics in the Middle East on Wednesday, Blair urged [&hellip

Bomb Kills Three including Police Official in Pakistan’s Krachi

A bomb killed Pakistani local police official along with two other people in the port city of Karachi on Thursday. “The blast killed police official Shafiq Tanoli and two others,” senior local police official Tanvir Ahmad Tunio told AFP. The explosion took place near a tailor’s shop in the old vegetable market in the city’s [&hellip