4 NATO trucks destroyed in Pakistan

Pakistani militants have destroyed four NATO trucks carrying war supplies to US-led forces in the neighboring Afghanistan.

A powerful bomb went off in a parking area of NATO containers in Khyber Agency in northwest pakistan on Friday morning, destroying three tankers, a Press TV correspondent reported.

In another incident, militants torched a NATO tanker in the Ganji area of Mastung district in southwestern province of Baluchistan late Thursday.

The container was on its way from Afghanistan and was going to Karachi when militants opened fire and set it ablaze.

No casualties have been reported.

The US military and NATO rely heavily on the Pakistani supply route into landlocked Afghanistan, even more so now that Taliban attacks are on the rise.

Militants in the rugged tribal area have staged violent attacks in recent months, torching hundreds of NATO vehicles and containers destined for foreign troops in Afghanistan.

In response, the Pakistani authorities have deployed large contingents of police and military forces on all major arteries in the area to curb the attacks.


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