Zimbabwe doctors strike demanding better pay and conditions.

Zimbabwean doctors at public hospitals went on strike for the second time this year to demand better pay and conditions, a union official said, as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government struggles with a deteriorating economy.
The southern African nation is short of United States dollars, the currency it adopted in 2009, causing price spikes and shortages of basic goods, medicines, and fuel.
Mathabisi Bebhe, secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, which represents more than 1,000 members, said on Monday that most junior doctors at the five major hospitals had downed tools to protest over pay, allowances and drugs’ shortages.
More than half of public sector doctors joined the indefinite strike, he said.
With hospitals already short of drugs and reliant on patients to buy them, local pharmacies are no longer accepting insurance policies for purchases, instead demanding US dollars in cash. When using bank cards, prices are at least three times higher.
“We are understaffed and underpaid and there are no medications in the hospitals,” Bebhe said.

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