Officials are sentenced to execution in Egypt.

Egypt’s court has sentenced 75 people to death penalty including prominent leader of the Muslim Lebanese party and imprisonment for more than 600 people
The people were sentenced to death in connection with the murder of hundreds of protesters by the armed forces. The case has generally linked 700 people accused of being involved in a number of crimes including terrorist attacks during protests that were supported by a Muslim brotherhood group in the field of Rabaa Adawiya in Cairo.
The government states that most protesters had weapons and that eight security forces were killed. The government was first reported that more than 40 policemen were killed. Human rights groups say that more than 800 protesters lost their lives in one of the killings on violence followed by the 2011 movements.
A criminal court in southern Cairo announced its decision today to condemn the death penalty for executing most prominent Lebanese party leaders including the top-ranking leader of the party Essam al-Erian along with Mohammed Beltagi and the Safwat Higazian ambulance.
The religious leader of the Lebanese party Muslim mohamed Badie and many other members of the party banned in Egypt were sentenced to life imprisonment, according to court circles. Others charged and convicted were sentenced from five to 15 years imprisonment.
In addition, five people who were also charged with the charges were expelled because they died in prison although court circles were not given further explanations of the matter. Following a series of protest weeks in 2013 against protest deportation by military president Mohamed Mursi, a militia led by the current president Abdel Fatah al we broke the protest by force in the Rabaa field. They seized hundreds of people who were charged with incitement to murder.
Human rights organizations have criticized the case by including protesters who participated peacefully with the protesters with journalists. A reporter of a famous photographer who ever won the prize reported on the protest Mahmoud Abu Zeid has been sentenced to 5 years in jail but will soon be released to the reason he has spent a long time in jail.

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