Flights diverted from Tripoli airport following reports of rocket fire.

A libyan Airlines flight bound for Tripoli from Alexandria, Egypt was forced to divert to the western Libyan city of Misrata, Tripoli’s Mitiga airport said on Wednesday.
The diversion follows reports from residents that rockets were fired in the direction of the airport late on Tuesday.
Misrata airport, which is located around 120 miles east of Tripoli, reported that all flights bound for Tripoli will now be diverted to Misrata.
A spokesman for the faction controlling Mitiga airport, Tripoli’s only functioning airport stated that no one had been injured in the rocket fire.
However Libyan media reported that numerous individuals had been injured by the rockets.
The violence comes less than a week after the United Nations brokered a truce between rival armed groups in Tripoli.
The airport was closed on September 1 after rockets were fired in the direction of the airport.
This followed constant fighting between rival factions in Tripoli’s southern suburbs.
The violence erupted after militia groups from Tarhouna attacked neighbourhoods in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, causing militias supporting the UN-backed government to react.

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