AI condemns the arrest of Muslims in Nigeria.

Amnesty International human rights activist protests Abuja government’s imprisonment of illegal detention Muslims mainly members of the Nigerian Islamic Movement.
Amnesty International issued a statement which is complaining of the illegal detainees of Nigerians for non-verbal suspicion as allegedly involved in terrorist acts or being wing supporters seeking to separate the area of Biafra has said, over the past few years Recently, thousands of people have been arrested for the charges and also claiming to be members of the Nigerian Islamic Movement.
According to Amnesty International, 600 members of the Nigerian Islamic movement are not known until now and for several years now many families have been looking for their families without success.
It will be remembered that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky with his wife was kidnapped by the Nigerian army in December 2015 when soldiers invaded his religious center in Zaria town in Kaduna. Since then Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife have been banned in one of the country’s military centers without being prosecuted.
The invasion took place after the Nigerian Army allegedly claimed that adherents of the Nigerian Islamic movement were plotting to kill the head of the army, allegedly criticized by the supporters of the movement. It is estimated that 1,000 innocent Muslims were killed in the incident.

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