Toe Diplomatic Line – Mahiga.

Foreign diplomats accredited to Tanzania ought to understand complex scenarios in the country before issuing unverified sensational and what can be inciting statements to the public, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Co-operation, Dr Augustine Mahiga, has said.

“On our part, we welcome transparent dialogue with our friends and partners on issues that need clarification so that they can be better informed,” Dr Mahiga (pictured), a seasoned diplomat, stated in a four-page press statement issued yesterday.

The stance by the government comes in the wake of statements made during the past two weeks by the Embassies of the United States of America (USA), the European Union (EU) and some western embassies in which they expressed concerns over recent security incidences in Tanzania.

“Law enforcement officers continue with complex and difficult task of investigating the recent intertwined disturbing security trends and their political manifestations and implications. Conventional wisdom dictates that we allow the law to take its course with unmitigated patience,” he stressed. In their statements, the foreign envoys implied that the security incidences were a threat to the rule of law and democratic values in Tanzania.

At the same time, there have been suspicious accusations (levelled against Tanzania) related to the breach of United Nations (UN)’s sanctions against North Korea’s ballistic missile programmes. Dr Mahiga thus remarked; “On the latter issue, a comprehensive response has been given by the government to clarify Tanzania’s continued compliance with the UN’s Security Council sanctions against North Korea.”

In regard to the security incidences in Tanzania, Minister Mahiga stated that the statements by the foreign ambassadors at the best show lack of understanding of the security and political challenges which the country has been facing in the last eighteen months.

“And at the worst, the statements have been unwitting and ill-timed interpretation of the political and security trends in the country,” Dr MahigaDr Mahiga, who is former Tanzania Permanent Representative to the UN, pointed out that it is a normal practice for foreign diplomatic envoys to follow and report on political and security trends in their respective countries of accreditation.

“However, we are perplexed by the previous conspicuous silence by the envoys on the unprecedented security threats and challenges which Tanzania has been facing in the Kibiti-Mkuranga-Rufiji triangle. “The threats claimed scores of innocent lives and by a strange coincidence, the majority of who were from the ruling party,” the Minister wondered in the statement.
Source:Daily News 03/03/2018

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