Cruel Husbands Beware.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda, noted that as the World celebrated Women’s Day yesterday, he was aware of various challenges that they endured, pledging to rally behind them in searching for lasting solutionsabandoned by their husbands to call at his office starting April 9, this year, for legal procedures to be set in motion.

“I am aware that there are men who abandon their families, some men have abandoned women and children, now…I am joining this fight, we will be together in demanding your rights,” he said.

The RC said he had already assembled a team of lawyers for the job and that the service would be offered free of charge. On his part, First Lady Janeth Magufuli said women should use the ‘Women’s Day’ to discuss important issues that had a bearing on their lives and the country’s welfare at large.

“Through this day, we must chart strategies that will help us to solve various challenges that face women and the society at large,” she said. Mama Magufuli said the country remembers and appreciated women who participated fully in fighting for the country’s independence and bringing about gender equality in the society.

She mentioned some of them as Bibi Titi Mohamed, Mama Fatma Karume, Mama Maria Nyerere and Mama Siti Mohamed. The First Lady said the government had created a good environment for doing business by supporting women to engage in various economic activities.

She said so far, there was a total of 2,740 Village Community Banks (VICOBA), whose cumulative capital was 78bn/-. The Minister for Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, remarked that women in Tanzania and elsewhere had a crucial role to play in attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through active participation in economic activities.

“The government recognizes the contribution of women in the agriculture and industrialisation agenda,” Prof Ndalichako stated in Dar es Salaam yesterday during opening of a three-day international conference which started yesterday, themed “Women and Sustainable Development in Africa.

” As Tanzania joined other countries worldwide to mark the International Women’s Day Prof Ndalichako stressed that empowering women in education was crucial for attainment of the SDGs.

The international conference was organised by the Tanzania Academy of Sciences (TAAS), the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) and the French Academy of Sciences (FAS). It attracted delegates from Africa and beyond.

In a tweet message yesterday, President John Magufuli congratulated all women in Tanzania for their contribution in the nation building mission. “We will continue to respect you and accord you needed cooperation in recognition of your efforts in fostering development,” Dr Magufuli told women in the message.

Prof Ndalichako assured participants at the meeting that the government of Tanzania was striving to address a number of challenges facing women such as gender inequality, lack of equal access to education and land ownership.\

“Despite the challenges, Tanzania as a country recognises the significance of women in decisionmaking, and that is why we have a Vice-President, Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, who is a woman, not to forget the former Speaker of the National Assembly, Mama Anne Makinda,” she pointed out.

Speaking in a keynote address, former Education Minister in Guinea Conakry, Ms Aicha Diallo, stressed that countries can hardly achieve the SDGs without women’s participation. “Education is central in empowering women.

At present women, with or without formal education do all sorts of work,” she explained in her address titled “Development and Women; What Africa can do differently by 2030.” Ms Diallo was however impressed that the percentage of women in leadership positions in Africa was on the rise, stressing the need for equal ownership of resources between men and women.
Source:Daily News 09/03/2018

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