You Made My Day, Thank You: Lowassa Tells Magufuli.

President John Magufuli, for the first time since he was elected, met former premier Edward Lowassa –his closest challenger in the 2015 polls.

They met at the Dar es Salaam’s State House with Mr Lowassa pouring praise on Dr Magufuli’s administration.

“I’m so happy for this golden opportunity, we have held talks on various issues with the president…he is really doing a great and commendable job, we must admit this,” Mr Lowassa, the 2015 opposition flag bearer said.

He commended the president over a number of achievements including employment creation, execution of flagship projects such as Stigler’s Gorge electricity and Standard Gauge Railway projects.

On his part, President Magufuli congratulated Mr Lowassa for recognizing great job done by the government.
Source:Daily News 10/01/2018

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