‘Modern Ideas Critical For Industrial Agenda’

Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Minister Harrison Mwakyembe, yesterday told the Shinyanga regional administration to embrace modern ideas of coordinating businesses and investment that would cater for needs of industrialization.
“You need to assess yourselves; the way you exploit opportunities… We need to assess where we are coming from, where are we and where are we going as well as how do we bring ourselves up,” Dr Mwakyembe stated, while opening the regional Shinyanga Business Forum.

The forum was organized by Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) Ltd in partnership with the Regional Commissioner’s Office. The minister pointed out that challenges existed in the mineral-rich region, but they could overcome them if they perceived them as opportunities, noting that such a forum was one of the platforms for brainstorming on modern ideas.

The TSN introduced the regional forums with the aim of driving the country’s industrialization agenda by 2025, Dr Mwakyembe said, revealing that they were in consonance with the ministry’s vision. “…I commend the TSN for managing to persuade regional commissioners to accept this idea.

The forums have been leaving behind the dust of change in mindset among the residents and investors,” he said. He further remarked that in order to achieve President Magufuli’s vision of industrialization, the regions needed to understand the opportunities available in their areas and encourage investments.

On industries, Dr Mwakyembe laid emphasis on investments in agriculture and industries, saying focusing exclusively on the manufacturing sector would lead to dependence on imported raw materials, something that makes the industrial products expensive.

He thus called on the Shinyanga administration and TSN to sustain the collaboration, in order to market the region’s opportunities. Earlier, the Shinyanga Regional Commissioner, Zainabu Telack, said they had been waiting for the forum for a long time.

“This is a historic day because we are going to hear what we never heard before and brainstorm on investment opportunities in the Region, and attract investors,” she said.

She gave an assurance that the region was on the right truck to implement the industrialization agenda through close partnership with the private sector, which had been taken on board under the regional business council.

The TSN’s Managing Editor, Dr Jim Yonazi, explained that the number of news items and feature articles on business forums published in the ‘Daily News’ and ‘Habari Leo’ reached millions of people around the world.

This had enabled the opportunities available in Simiyu, Mwanza and Tanga regions where the forums had been conducted, to be known and publicized.. “Let Shinyanga Region succeed; it’s our own duty to make it more competitive than other regions, and this is possible,” Dr Yonazi remarked.
Source: Daily News 06/10/2017

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