10 Dar residents perish after consuming suspicious liquor.

Ten residents of Kimara Stop-over in the Ubungo District in Dar es Salaam Region reportedly died after consuming a locally processed illicit liquor on Wednesday morning.
Speaking at a media briefing session, the Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Mr Lazaro Mambosasa, said the incident occurred early at around 10:00hrs in the morning.

He said a man identified as Matigo Ramadhani (38) called the police to report the death of his brother Maleo Ramadhani (45) who died shortly after receiving treat ment at Mwananyamala Hospital for drinking liquor processed by a woman identified as Mama Anoza.

The Commander told reporters: “When the police were still working on that report, we received another call from a woman identified as Paula Kisangila (53) who reported that when returning home from her daily activities, she spotted the body of the house guard, Yona, outside the fence.

He was aged between 20 and 30.” The senior law enforcement officer further explained that they subsequently received information on the deaths of the rest of the people who had consumed the liquior, adding that some of the bodies were preserved at the Mwananyamala Hospital in Dar es Salaam, and others at Tumbi Hospital at Kibaha in Coast Region.

He mentioned the names of the deceased as Mohamed Issa (67), Kabugi Rashid (64), Stanslaus Joseph (58), Stephen Isaya (61), Monica Madega (41), Alex Madega (41), Hamis Mbala (35) and Ekson Nyoni (28), residents of separate areas at Kimara in Ubungo District.

Commander Mambosasa confirmed that preliminary investigations had established that ‘Mama Anoza’ was suspected to be a liquor distiller and seller, in whose house three bottles full of the sufff were found.

“The woman is currently on the Police most wanted list for questioning over the incident,” added the police commander. On its part, the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) confirmed to have received nine bodies of people who died after drinking the illicit liquor.

MNH’s Public Relations Officer, Mr John Stephen, told the ‘Daily News’ in Dar es Salaam yesterday, that doctors at the national facility were still conducting postmortems to establish the cause of the deaths.

“The doctors are still conducting investigations to establish what the brew contained, which led to the deaths of these people,” Mr Stephen said. He said that the hospital received five bodies on Wednesday while four were brought yesterday.

The bodies were from Tumbi and Mwananyamala Hospitals, as well as Kimara Health Centre. Mr Stephen named the deceased as Monica Richard (42), Mohamed Bakari (27), Stanslaus Joseph (58), Kassim Kabudi (63), Dickson Nyoni (28), Steven Issa (61), Hamis Mbala (35), Alex Madega (41) and Balera Ramadhani (69).
Source: Daily News 07/10/2017

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