​130 Heads Decide Football Fate.

It is the Election Day, as the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) delegates will today decide who will be in charge of the federation’s office for the next four years.

At least 130 delegates to the meeting will cast their votes at the St Gasper Hotel in Dodoma, to elect a president, vice-president and members of the executive committee, after months of uncertainty over the credentials of some candidates and a week of tight campaigning.

The federation goes to the polls today under a cloud of trepidation that use of corruption to seduce voters will certainly put candidates, voters and those involved in the process behind bars, as the officials from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) are closely monitoring the election process.

Dodoma Region Police Commander (RPC), Lazaro Mambosasa, said tight security is already in place, as police were working hand in hand with PCCB to ensure no ‘dirty’ money is circulating before, during and even after the election.

He also assured voters, candidates and all other people in the region of a peaceful election. Minister for Information, Arts, Culture and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe has also issued a strong warning to the delegates and candidates that they should ensure the whole process to elect new leaders was clean.

Minister Mwakyembe also challenged delegates to vote wisely by electing credible leaders and effective, who will help turn around the country’s football fortunes. “We are tired of all these scandals of mismanagement, which keeps on recurring in our federation… we need credible and reputable leaders, who will work for the good of the game and sports in general,” said Mwakyembe.

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