Govt Extends Property Tax Payment Deadline.

Property owners may now breathe a sigh of relief after the government announced extension of tax payment deadline to July 31, but maintained a firm stance on service station operators who fail to instal Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs).
The government had previously set June 30 as the deadline for settling property tax, but was forced to extend to July 15 after an influx of taxpayers overwhelmed TRA officers across the country.

Announcing the extension of the deadline, Tanzania Rev enue Authority (TRA) Director for Taxpayer Services and Education, Richard Kayombo, said some TRA offices in Dar es Salaam were continuing to collect property tax along other levies.

He mentioned the TRA offices that were carrying out such roles as TRA Mbagala, TRA Temeke Maduka Mawili, TRA Kigamboni, TRA LAPF Kijitonyama, TRA Tegeta, TRA Kimara, TRA Manzese, TRA Ilala, TRA Gerezani, TRA Vingunguti and TRA Samora.

He also said the TRA office located at Mwalimu Nyerere International Trade Fair (DITF) grounds commonly known as Sabasaba grounds was continuing to collect property tax alongside others.

“All property owners, including individuals, companies and institutions have the duty to pay property tax by turning up at TRA offices,” Kayombo said.

He added: “TRA will continue receiving property tax payments for 2016/17 financial year until July 31 without penalties alongside payments for 2017/18 effective tomorrow.”
Source:Daily News 16/07/2017

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