​New Law To Plug Cyber-Crime.

Days are numbered for cybercriminals as the government works on a new law to give enforcement ‘teeth’ against communication intruders, block ill information dissemination and to facilitate use of ‘cyber evidence’ in courts of law.

The law to be known as the Personal Data Protection Act will be ready in a year’s time from now and it could add onto the two cyber crime laws dubbed Cybercrimes Act 2015 and Electronic Transactions Act 2015.

The deputy minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Engineer Edwin Ngonyani, disclosed this in Dar es Salaam yesterday in a keynote address to launch the China-Tanzania cyber media round table meeting – which brought together various media stakeholders, government officials from Tanzania and their counterparts from China led by the Deputy Minister for Cyberspace Administration, Mr Ren Xianliang and the Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Lu Youqing.

“In consideration of regional and international cyber legal requirements, Tanzania has enacted the Cybercrimes Act, 2015 and Electronic Transactions Act, 2015 … and we are in the process of enacting the Personal Data Protection Act to make our cyberspace more secure … in protecting users,” he noted.

Eng. Ngonyani noted that the proposed law would for the first time allow the law enforcers intrude the suspected communications and allow the use of social media communication including pictures, messages as evidence in the court.

“This Act (Personal Data Protection Act) is expected to be ready in one year time from now and it will ensure safety to internet and mobile phone users..,” he clarified.

The deputy minister also disclosed that the law was being formulated in accordance to International Communication Union (ITU) agreement, adding that all countries in the world are supposed to have a similar law.

The new law would bring full cycle to the government’s move to completely replace the Proceeds of Crime Act of 1991 which has for a longtime been referred to by some activists and lawyers as a bad law.

Source:Daily News 26/07/2017

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