Simba: PCCB Can Solve Fakhi Case.

League leaders Simba are seeking anticorruption bureau intervention to clear the dispute between the Club and Kagera Sugar over ‘erroneous’ fielding of Mohamed Fakhi.
The club’s Head of Information and Communications, Haji Manara told reporters in Dar es Salaam yesterday the club reached the move to seek the services of Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) after sensing a ‘foul play’ in the whole case.

He said the club has smelled rat in the way the matter is being worked and sense a possible sabotage from some officials who seem loyal to their rival club, Young Africans. Manara said it was obvious there is a plot by top officials who fight tooth and nail to ensure Simba miss the championship this season.

The dispute emerged after Kagera Sugar objected the decision of the federation’s TFF Committee of 72 hours to award Simba three points after the club won their appeal against Kagera Sugar for fielding Mohamed Fakhi, allegedly serving a three yellow card ban.

Simba lost the match 2-1 at the Kaitaba Stadium in Bukoba with Kagera Sugar goals coming from star striker, Mbaraka Yusuf and Edward Christopher whereas Simba’s lone goal was scored by Mzamiru Yassin.

Kagera Sugar reacted by claiming the three- card allegation was not real, and filed an appeal demanding the decision to be reviewed by the Legal and Players Status Committee which, however has yet to come out with an answer.

The delay has alarmed Simba, who through Manara’s statement, sense there are people behind scene seeking to sabotage the club’s race to the championship. The situation forces Simba who are the currently Mainland League leaders, to call for PCCB intervention as they do not have faith with how the football governing body(TFF) handle the case.

Manara went further to claim that the country’s football under Jamal Malinzi has lost direction, adding the TFF boss has been interfering with other independent organs within the federation in forcing decisions that favour their rivals.

He warned that his club is tired of sabotages and demand fairness to be observed on the matter. TFF decision of asking the Legal and Players Status Committee to review the decision made by another committee has been question by various football stakeholders, however, the federation insists that as per TFF constitution, the committee has the authority to meet in such a situation to interpret various laws and regulations governing football in the country.

If the decision to award Simba three points is reversed, the course for the league title is likely to change then. Do Kagera Sugar win their appeal they will regain their third place with 45 points and drop Azam back to the fourth place. Simba had opened a six points’ gap over their closest challengers and defending champions Young Africans.

The gap will be reduced to only 3 points if Kagera Sugar win their appeal. Simba have played 27 matches, two more than Yanga. The earlier ruling by a 72-hour committee, also was a big blow to Kagera Sugar striker, Mbaraka Yusuf, who is chasing for the golden boot alongside Shiza Kichuya of Simba and Young Africans’ Simon Msuva.

Not only Kagera Sugar and Simba who are keenly hoping for the best from today’s meeting. Defending champions, Yanga are also involved in it as any decision will affect them in one way or another.

Yanga, who have been eliminated from major tournaments at the continental level, will automatically pray for Kagera Sugar’s appeal to win since any act that reduces Simba’s speed will help flourish their title defending campaign.
Source:Daily News 20/04/2017

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