Dar Police Arrested Over 267 For Various Offences.

Police Force in Dar es Salaam zone have arrested more than 267 people with various offences including using of drugs and robing by using weapons in different places in Dar es Salaam.
The suspects were arrested during a special five-day operation launched by law enforcement agents in voarious areas in the city.

Addressing a news conference in Dar es salaam yesterday, the Dar es Salaam Special Police zone Commander, Simon Sirro said the operation have just started and the opeartion has one day, where by since they have started they have arrested 366 dice of drugs, and 51 marijuana.

On the other hand RPC Sirro said that it is illegal for the citizen to harm criminals, so they better leave it for the particular authority they can do what is responsible for them, he said that some citizens have been killing people suspected for various offenses, if they keep doing that the government will arrest them.

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