Young MPs to grace National Service resumption

Young lawmakers will beginning next March join 5,000 other young people from secondary schools to take part in the revived National Service training in the country’s five designated training camps.

The MPs will take a three-week course while the other 5,000 youths will have six month training stint.

Tabling the 2012/13 budget estimates for the Defence and National Service Ministry, Defence minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha said the ministry had considered the proposal tabled in the House last year to request young lawmakers to take part in National Service training.

“During a debate of this ministry in the 2011/2012 financial year, among other things, we received a request by young legislators to prepare military training for them through the National Service. I am happy to inform this august House that my ministry had worked on the proposal and prepared a procedure for young MPs to train in the National Service for a period of three weeks,” the minister said.

He said besides the benefits that legislators stand to get during the training; they would also motivate the resumption National Service training and help provide a good image of the exercise to the community.

“I am requesting that all young legislators should register for to take part in the resumption of National Service training,” Nahodha said.

The first batch will start with 5,000 young people excluding MPs and the training is expected to start in March 2013 at Bulongwa and Kanembwa military camps in Kigoma Region, Mlale in Ruvuma Region and Mafinga in Iringa Region.

Other military camps that will undertake training are Msange in Tabora Region and Oljoro in Arusha Region.

According to the ministry, registration will commence in December this year, this year and end in January 2013.

Minister Nahodha said the young people would report at the military camps between March 7 and 16, 2013 and the training would commence on March 17, next year.

According to the Defence ministry, the first batch training would wound up in August 2013.

“By now all procedures for the start have been completed and the National Service is ready to receive up to 20,000 youths at once. But the cost of running the training is too high. That is why we have opted to start with at least 5,000 youths who are among the 41,348 who have completed Form Six,” Nahodha said.

He said to select 5,000 is going to be a difficult task, but the ministry has set special criteria to get the set number according to their groupings which will be announced in January next year.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has requested Tanzania to send to Syria between 100 and 200 peacekeeping troops. The Defence and National Service Minister said the government has accepted the offer and that the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces is working on the modalities of sending the troops to the Middle East nation to take part in the peacekeeping operation.


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