RC urges journalists to educate and sensitise members of public

Chiku Gallawa, Tanga Regional Commissioner

Tanga Regional Commissioner, Chiku Gallawa, has urged journalists to educate and sensitize the public to partake in development related initiatives if the country is to achieve its set millennium goals.

Gallawa made the remarks while addressing leaders of the Tanga press club. He said journalist were ‘instrumental’ to the country’s development as they provide publicity, valuable to stakeholder and government officials.

Tanga residents, according to their commissioner, are still behind economically and so need to fully participate in the implementation of development projects to attain the targeted goals.

“You have a role to play in our regional and national development …” asserted Gallawa.

She warned the journalists against corruption saying it will damage the profession. She went on to urge journalists in Tanga to write unbiased and well balanced news articles that are timely, accurate and of public interest.

Journalists in the city were encouraged to use their profession as a tool to educate the masses on various developmental subjects as well as to recognize their position as, watch dogs of the public, charged with securing accountability on the part of government and the private sector.

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  1. Chiku Ali says:

    Jolly good sister:-)) Keep up the decision making spirit and good governence:-))

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