MPs want JK promised roads to be built

                                                                 Special Seats MP Diana Chilolo (CCM)

Special Seats MP Diana Chilolo (CCM) yesterday complained about the delay in implementing the presidential promise to construct the Singida Urban – Ilongero – Ikhanoda road to tarmac level.

Chilolo disclosed that during campaigns in 2010 President Jakaya Kikwete promised to give priority to the construction of the road with a distance of 38 kilometres to tarmac level, but for the past two years there was nothing implemented. He asked the government to allocate funds for construction in the 2012/2013 financial year.

Reacting to the question, Deputy Minister for Works Eng. Gerson Lwenge told the House that the Singida – Ilongero – Ikhanoda road was a regional road maintained under the ministry through the Singida branch of the Tanzania Roads Agency (Tanroads).

He said the government was expecting to allocate funds for conducting the feasibility study and architectural design for the Singida Urban – Illongero – Ikhanoda road in the 2012/2013 fiscal year so as to construct it to tarmac level.

“ Currently the government has allocated 508.69m/- in the budget (2012/2013) for carrying out maintenance in various parts to ensure it works throughout the year,” said Eng. Lwenge in response to Chilolo’s basic question. She wanted the government to issue a programme with a time frame indicating how the presidential promise will be implemented.

Chilolo further wanted the government to state when the construction of Sibiti – Katala road to tarmac level begins, after it was upgraded to regional status in 2009.

Felister Bura (Special Seats, CCM) in a supplementary question urged the government to inform the House on plans in place to construct to tarmac level the Mbande – Kongwa –Mpwapwa – Iringa road, also a presidential promise whose implementation had not yet started.

However, Deputy Speaker Job Ndugai interjected by urging the deputy minister to consider the question. “Honourable, deputy minister, some questions need urgent and profound answers,” he declared.

According to the deputy minister the government in its fiscal 2012/2013 plan has allocated funds for feasibility study and architectural design although he did not mention the amount allocated or the timeframe for commencing the groundwork.

On the Sibiti – Katala road connecting Shinyanga and Singida regions he said the government recognises the need for constructing the road to tarmac level and expects to allocate funds in the next financial year for feasibility study and architectural design.

He said it was not possible to set a time frame for implementing the presidential promise but insisted that there was still enough time to implement the presidential promises before polls 2015.


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