Kigamboni MP kicked out of House

National Assembly deputy speaker Job Ndugai  barred Kigamboni MP, Dr Fausitine Ndungulile, from participating three House sessions over failure to prove allegations against the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development.

He will stay out of Parliament today, Monday and Tuesday next week.

When debating ministry’s budget estimates, the MP claimed that councillors in his constituency were in agreement that the Kigamboni New City Project had failed, therefore “the government should look for another place to implement it”.

According to Dr Ndungulile, said he doubted that four councillors from Kigamboni the Minister, Prof Anna Tibaijuka, introduced in the House as her visitors, who were supporting the project, because he understood there was a consensus amongst all councillors in his constituency that the project “is a failure”. “The four councillors, who have come here as visitors of the minister indicate there, are elements of corruption. We have agreed that no councillor should support this project. But why only these four has gone against the agreement and there are more than 40 councillors?” he queried.

Interviewed outside the Parliament shortly after being kicked out yesterday, Dr Ndungulile said justice had not taken its course, but vowed to fight to the end.

Ndugai used Parliamentary Standing Order Number 73 to sideline the MP from participating in House sessions.

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