Govt on the lookout for `dependent` agencies

Chief Secretary Ombeni Sefue has challenged the government agencies to shun dependency on the government instead to utilise the existing opportunities to generate funds.

He made the remarks on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam during the inauguration of government agencies including the new electronic information monitoring e-Government Agency (eGA).

Other agencies inaugurated in the event are, Tanzania Global Learning Agency (TaGLA), Fisheries Education and Training Agency (FETA), Livestock Training Agency (LITA) and Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA).

According to the ambassador, these agencies’ internal income is increasing annually a direct result of innovation which has helped them to improve and/or expand previous income sources.

“…agencies are still depending on the government for funding to run out business,…” he warned and then encouraged them to take advantage of the ‘good economic environment’ and be independent “…change and take deliberate action to correct the situation…” he advised.

Ambassador Sefue added that the government through the President’s Office for Public Service Management is taking audit of all ‘dependent agencies’ as its part of its agency evaluation 2011 policy.

According to the Chief Secretary, currently the government has 35 agencies, whose performance is in his words, ‘unsatisfactory’ adding that they failed to maximize the utility of availed resources. On the contrary, he accused the agencies of even lacking consideration for set laws, regulations and procedures.

The picture got glimmer as he further revealed that some government institutions have not been paying, in a consistent and timely fashion, for services rendered.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jabiri Bakari said the newly formed eGa, intends to work as an integral part of the Public Service Reform Programme that aims at improving service delivery to the public, through the government. Priority will be given to safety and confidentiality, due to presence of sensitive public and government information.

Livestock Training Agency (LITA) acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Atway Msangi said, his office is planning to use available of income such as training services, research services and consulting to self-supervision of various activities in accordance to commercial and competitive basis.

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