Forty Hadith — Second Revised Edition

Forty Hadith

This text is the second, revised edition of the famous work by Imam Khomeini, titled Forty Hadith. In it, the author delves into the philosophical and mystical exegesis of these ahadith and explains the lessons we can obtain from them which are beneficial to us in both our physical and spiritual lives.


  1. murtaza says:

    really liked the books i scrolled through. mashallah, nice job. but just asking if you could put it in an adobe reader or PDF file version so that many other people could benefit by downloading it which would really make it alot easier.
    Thanks and sorry.

    • admin says:

      Salaamun alaykum

      Thank you for your comment

      About 40 Hadith of Imam Khomeini ®, we don’t have soft copy which can be converted to PDF file.

      For PDF file you can write to the following email: or contact

      Thank you

      Web Master

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