Ramadhan Iftar Appeal for 500 families from Arroub Refugee Camp and the Society for Rehabilitation Handicapped.


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July 2011  


Ramadhan Iftar Appeal for 500 families from Arroub Refugee Camp and the Society for Rehabilitation Handicapped.

LFT Donors Please donate generously – USD 45.00 will support one family at this Refugee camp


In regard to Ramada Iftar, find please a brief report and photos about Arroub Refugee Camp and the Society for Rehabilitation Handicapped.

As you know, in the year 1948, Palestinians have uprooted from twenty cities and about four hundred villages; about seven hundred thousand Palestinians i.e. 66% of the residents of Palestine became homeless; this represented the complete deterioration of the Palestinian society with all its components and bases; it lead to the emergence of a new phenomenon in the Palestinian society which is the Palestinian Refugees Camps that spread in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and neighbouring countries: Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon and the rest of the world. One of these camps is Arroub Refugee Camp. These camps which bear witness to the catastrophe, homelessness and uprooting of Palestinians from their lands and homeland symbolize their daily sufferings on all levels: cultural, social, economic, and political. They still exist up till this present moment waiting for a political decision to put an end to their pain and suffering. In the human history there is not any crime which is as brutal as the crime of forcing Palestinians out of their lands in 1948 at the hands of the Zionist gangsters; this was later called the Palestinian Nakba (Setback).

Arroub refugee camp lies in the north of Hebron district. It was founded on the year 1947 after Nakba in the year 1948, under the supervision of UNRWA. I have 9,000 people, dividing to 1,284 families, all of them are refugees, were uprooted form their homeland in the years 1948, 1967 by occupation. The camp is very crowded area, 40 meters for each family with an average of 7 persons.    

The majority of the families are very poor, having a lot of economics problems, and living on the very limited support of the UNRWA who offers the education, the food, and a health center.

Regarding to our Society for Rehabilitation Handicapped, it’s a non-government organization, independent, registered in the Palestinian National Authority since 2004. Since its foundation in the year 1991, and before the coming of the Palestinian National Authority it was belonging to the UNRWA. The society deals with the handicapped issues, including: rehabilitation, teaching, sports, summer camps, food, etc. Besides, the society is caring a lot about the Camps issues, and offering any help for our refugee people. We have a board of 11 persons, and I am the consultant of the society. In the last survey I did was in the year 2008, we have 230 handicapped persons.

Since 1993, the society was able to do many activities in the camps as follows:

·         Building a rehabilitation centre (see the photo please).

·         Issuing a yearly study regarding the handicapped in the camp.

·         Issuing the first book about the camp in the year 2002.

·         Holding a lot of workshops in regard the handicapped people.

·         Having a lot of rehabilitation program to the handicapped in the camp.

·         Holding a yearly summer camps ((see the photos please).

·         Delivery a lot of Equipments for the handicapped people.

·         Delivery of student uniform (clothes) to our refugee students.

·         Delivery a lot of food programs for the hardship cases in the camp especially in Ramadan and Edi Al-Adha.

·         And many others activities.


In regard to our Ramadan Iftar project, as we mentioned, we have a lot of hardship cases in the camp, who are very needy for their daily basic needs especially, the food. We highly appreciate your help in offering the food in Ramadan for at least 500 families, to enable us help our brothers and sisters. We are thinking of delivery a food package of Euro 30.00 (US$ 45.00) for each family. The package will consist of: 5 kilo of oil, 4 kilo of sugar, one kilo of dates, 5 kilos of rice, 4 kilo of wheat, and one kilo of tea. We will deliver these packages to the families in the centre building, with a media cover, and we will provide you with the photos, the family names, in our final report to you. In such project, we usually do the following steps:

  • We announce in the camp for that project.
  • The people have to fill an application in about four days.
  • All of the applications should be evaluated by the Society board.
  • After the evaluation process, we choose the very needy cases.
  • Some of the cases will be from the handicapped cases we have in the Society.
  • Then we deliver the food to the people, with very good documentations (names, family number, photos, etc).

Signed: Trustee and Consultant: Society for Rehabilitation Handicapped, Arroub Camp.


Dear LFT donors:  With a mere USD 45.00 or 27.50 GBP, the cost of a family meal, you can provide basic food items for a family of five for the whole month of Ramadhan and earn their heartfelt prayers for you.

To support the LFT’s Ramadhan Appeal we have now set up a system of donating to your favourite charity via your mobile phone.

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Yours sincerely,

Amirali G. Karim

Chairman of the Board of Trustees



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