Talk Shows

Talk Show on Generation Gap – Above is Maureen Ongiyo

Above is the talk show on Prophet’s Seerah – (s).

On left is Ustadh Hemedi Lubumba Selemani & on his right is Shaikh Sheriff Aidarus Alwy of Lamu – Kenya

Talk Show on Generation Gap with Mr Mohamed Moses being the host of the show and secondary school students.

Discussion on The Day of Quds.

On the left is Ustadh Mulabbah Saleh and on the right is Shaikh Aba-Saleh

Students seen participating in various Talk Shows on Generation Gap

This show is in Kiswahili and is aired throughout the week.  We have sheikhs and Islamic and secular scholars giving their views on different topics such as  the life of the Prophet (s).

Further more, we have University professors and other professionals giving their views on Islam and other miscellaneous topics covering various social issues in our studio panel.

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